Microsoft Squashes Windows 7 Crack After Just Two Days

OEM key cracks, like the one that broke Windows 7 wide open just two days ago, are as old as Windows itself. But it looks like this one surfaced a little too early—and now it's dead, dead, dead. » 7/31/09 4:45pm 7/31/09 4:45pm

Windows 7 Will Annoy Pirates Even Less Than Vista

Microsoft really wants to make Windows 7 the least offensive OS ever. Case in point: They've made the little dialog box that pesters you into activating Windows less annoying. » 5/07/09 12:10pm 5/07/09 12:10pm

Chinese File Lawsuits Over Msoft's Piracy Crack Down

As expected, Microsoft's controversial anti-piracy programs » 10/31/08 1:45am 10/31/08 1:45am have raised a big fuss in China, where a good amount of companies are probably using not-so-legal versions of Windows on all their work computers. One Beijing lawyer made a submission to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, suggesting a $1…

Microsoft Cracking Down On Pirated Software in China, Probably Starting…

Microsoft has expanded its latest WGA initiative — you know, the one that turns your computer off » 10/23/08 7:20am 10/23/08 7:20am every hour — to China. An guess what! Since the majority of Chinese computer users run unauthorized copies of Windows, they're . Of course, there are plenty of good discussions to be had about how measures like this…

Microsoft Upgrades Its Nagware For Windows XP

MJF at ZDNet reports that Microsoft is slowly rolling out a new version of Windows Genuine Advantage for Windows XP Professional in the next few months that's going to change the way it nags about using pirated versions. Instead of the kill switch, which was in Vista, the XP versions that WGA decides are "non-genuine"… » 8/26/08 6:50pm 8/26/08 6:50pm

Striking Writers Form Online Video Company Visual Artists, I Still Want…

Led by the writer of Air Bud (that bodes well), a large posse of out-of-work WGAers is looking to launch the online video company, Visual Arists, later this year with over $30 million in funding with Silicon Valley types. Supposedly a bunch of A-listers are on board, which gives small hope that they punch out fare… » 1/14/08 10:45am 1/14/08 10:45am

Letterman's Company First to Reach WGA Agreement

David Letterman's production company Worldwide Pants is—we believe—the first to reach an agreement with the Writers Guild of America for internet royalties. Since The Late Show and The Late Late Show are owned, not by CBS but Letterman's own company, the show was able to circumvent CBS negotiations altogether and… » 12/29/07 11:19am 12/29/07 11:19am

Apple Patent Copies Windows Genuine Advantage DRM: Will It Be Just as…

Most people are familiar with Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage program—whenever you have to "validate" Windows, that's WGA in action. Since there is no copy protection on OS X, lifelong Mac users might be unfamiliar with this whole idea. Don't worry, it looks like you might get acquainted real soon! Apple has a… » 12/26/07 7:00pm 12/26/07 7:00pm

The Daily Show and Colbert Report Return Jan. 7, Sans Striking Writers

Like late-night white knights, Jon Stewart and Colbert are returning to save us from rerun/reality TV/web purgatory on Jan. 7—the news has been the exact same for weeks, right? But they won't have an army of writers to make sure every word out of their mouth kills, so we'll see just how much funny naturally spills out… » 12/21/07 6:00pm 12/21/07 6:00pm

Producers Say the Strike Has Cost Writers $106 Million...and Counting

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers has a fun new flash widget on their site with a running tally of how much income the writers have dropped into a black hole since the strike started. Right now, it's at about $106 million. Kind of a dick move if you ask us, since producers trying to screw writers » 12/12/07 7:20pm 12/12/07 7:20pm

Giz Wants to Give Work to Striking WGA Members

Hey, TV writers! Yeah, you awesome folks on strike. I'm talking to you. Are you sick of not writing? And not getting paid as a result of not writing? It's understandable. Well, we here at Gizmodo want to help you help us help you (help us). » 12/07/07 9:30am 12/07/07 9:30am

Your Writers Strike TV Guide

With the WGA writers strike in full swing, we're sure that some families are going hungry. And the subsequent complete staff layoffs are a miserable by-product of corporate greed. But the biggest losers? Those without health insurance anything to watch on their 50-inch flatscreen televisions...those who could hear a… » 12/05/07 9:48am 12/05/07 9:48am

Pirates Stealing XP Twice as Much as Vista, Microsoft Doesn't Know How…

So here's a good news/bad news situation for Microsoft. The good news is that people aren't pirating Vista as much as XP. The bad news is that people are pirating XP twice as much, meaning that even when given a choice between each for free, people are sticking with trusty old XP. They can't even get people to steal » 12/04/07 1:25pm 12/04/07 1:25pm

$250 Flat Fee Producers Offer Writers Guild for Internet Distribution…

The Writers Guild strike languishes on: Heroes ends for the year next week. In a bid to end our suffering, the producers' trade group has made a "groundbreaking" offer to the Writers Guild, grandiosely titled the "New Economic Partnership." The deal's a mind-blowing less-than $250 flat fee for an hour-long show to be… » 11/30/07 6:30pm 11/30/07 6:30pm

Video of Studio Execs Bragging About the Internet Cash Cow

Yesterday, I wrote a feature on the WGA strike that quoted the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers as saying that, while the internet was great for promotional purposes, "there is not enough marketplace data to judge its true potential, ultimate impact on traditional media or viability as a business."… » 11/14/07 9:55am 11/14/07 9:55am

The WGA Strike and the Death of Television

This WGA strike sucks, to be sure. If it goes on for more than three months (which is looking increasingly likely), pilot season won't happen, no new shows will be created, no new seasons will come back, and we'll be stuck with the dregs of reality TV for a full year. Yep, that means no last season of Battlestar… » 11/13/07 1:30pm 11/13/07 1:30pm

Digital Distribution Tangling Up Writers Guild of America Talks, Strike…

In case you were unawares, the contract between Hollywood producers and the Writers Guild of America was supposed to expire a few hours ago, leading to a possible strike, meaning bad things could happen. One of the major issues is digital content and distribution—after getting screwed over by the terms of how they… » 11/01/07 3:15am 11/01/07 3:15am

Internet Explorer 7 Marketshare Lagging, WGA Check Going Away

Despite the fact that IE7 ships with every copy of Vista and is a free download for every Windows XP user, the browser only has a marketshare of 20-27 percent. Contrast that with Firefox's 17% share, according to one site, and things are looking dour for Microsoft. So what do they do? No, not improve the browser. They… » 10/05/07 6:40pm 10/05/07 6:40pm

Apple's 10.4.7 Update Also Phones Home

Sort of innocuous in the grand scheme of things, the new update from Apple adds a widget verification program. This program verifies whether the widgets present in the dashboard is authentic by sending an HTTP GET command to Apple's servers every eight hours. » 7/06/06 4:43pm 7/06/06 4:43pm