Daily Show Writers Use Viacom's YouTube Suit to Hilariously Explain the Strike

Because of the WGA strike, there's no Daily Show, which sucks. But if you think you're suffering, think of how the writers of that wonderful program feel! In this video that the writers of our favorite mock newscast made on the picketline, they clearly explain why this strike is happening and how the studio chiefs are… »11/15/07 5:01pm11/15/07 5:01pm


Video of Studio Execs Bragging About the Internet Cash Cow

Yesterday, I wrote a feature on the WGA strike that quoted the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers as saying that, while the internet was great for promotional purposes, "there is not enough marketplace data to judge its true potential, ultimate impact on traditional media or viability as a business."… »11/14/07 9:55am11/14/07 9:55am