PS2 Guitar Pedal Lets You Star Power, Whammy With Your Feet

Making your fake guitar automatically whammy may be a step too far, but if you want to make Guitar Hero slightly easier for yourself, check out these guitar pedals. They allow you to either activate star power or hit the whammy bar with your feet instead of your hands, making sure your hands stay exactly where they're… » 1/30/08 3:45pm 1/30/08 3:45pm

Guitar Hero Auto-Whammy Mod is a Shortcut To Stardom

Guitar Hero players know that working that whammy bar is a good way to rack up star power during extended white notes, but it can be tough to switch from strumming to whammying during a solo. This guitar mod, which takes a little bit of circuitry know-how, allows you to auto-whammy—making the bar just a decorational… » 1/29/08 5:10pm 1/29/08 5:10pm