What Comes After Click: A Crash Course in Tangible User Interfaces

For three decades, most of us have interacted with computers in exactly the same way: We point with a mouse (or a finger!), click, and watch the screen. In one way, it's the most outdated element of human computer interaction around. But in another, it's the thing that's shaped every operating system and device… »7/18/13 1:00pm7/18/13 1:00pm

How Prescriptive Analytics Could Harness Big Data to See the Future

Big Data—information sets too large to be effectively computed on desktop systems—isn't just the buzzword du jour. It provides an unprecedented ability for business and industry to precisely model the effects of past managerial decisions on the bottom line. But an emerging analytical process called prescriptive… »6/19/13 4:09pm6/19/13 4:09pm