Sony's KDL-40ZX1, a 40-inch LCD HDTV Only 9.9mm Thin

Sony Japan's ZX1 series 40-inch display is only 9.9mm thick at its narrowest, and 26 pounds. The display itself has only 1 HDMI port, while a wireless box can send the 120Hz, 1080p display up to 1080i images over a 5GHz channel many suspect is WHDM. That external port box will have 3 HDMI, 2 component, s-video, VGA,… » 8/28/08 2:16am 8/28/08 2:16am

Sanyo Demos WHDMI Wireless HD Projection

Wireless HDTV projection is here, and we saw our first demo at the Sanyo booth. Using a transmitter and receiver from Amimon, the $3000 WHDMI module slides into the industrial-strength projector ($10K) they were using, giving uncompressed wireless performance with no lag time. The Sanyo official told us the system is… » 1/08/07 4:18pm 1/08/07 4:18pm