Biggest Flyer In the World Makes Everyone Look Like Ants

This is the view from the biggest flyer in the world, a 492-foot diameter monster located in Singapore, 16 feet bigger than the Star of Nanchang, China, and 98 feet more than the London Eye (which I'm looking at right now, after moving into the city this weekend.) The capsules' interior look straight out of 2001: A… »6/03/08 11:40am6/03/08 11:40am


Nujiang Kids Have World's Most Badass, Dangerous School Commute

Remember when your dad used to tell you that he had to walk 10 miles to school, uphill, in a blizzard? Well, your dad's got nothing on the kids of China's Nujiang Great Canyon. With no money to build a bridge spanning the river that separates their homes from their school, kids as young as 7 strap themselves to a rope… »7/26/07 11:07am7/26/07 11:07am