Inspiring guy uses his wheelchair to pull sweet skateboard tricks

What are limits? Nothing to Aaron Fotheringham, also known as Wheelz. He can do more tricks with his wheelchair than you can with a skateboard. Fotheringham has been using a wheelchair full time since he was 8 and has worked with Box Designs Wheelchairs to better tweak his custom chair so he can do more tricks.… »11/22/13 12:03am11/22/13 12:03am

Walking Chair: Evolution Hasn't Been Wasted on Places to Sit

It's called the walking chair, but we know better. This four-legged wheelchair replacement, on exhibit at Robo Japan 2008, is not about traversing uneven terrain or allowing mechanical creations to move more like organic beings. It's about man fusing with both insects and »10/16/08 8:30pm10/16/08 8:30pm robots to create a new race founded on pure…

Rock Band Drum Kit Gets Wheelchair Accessible (With How To)

The folks at Kinetic Communications took the Rock Band Drum Kit, which totally isn't wheelchair accessible thanks to its bass kick pedal, and put $20 worth of their own accessibility mod into it to make sure it is. All it took was a doorbell, a Y cable, a pair of pliers and some sweat and they made a Rock Band kick… »6/02/08 12:20pm6/02/08 12:20pm

Flame-Throwing Wheelchair Makes Me Want to Break a Leg

This fully-motorized wheelchair—built from an electric golf cart and a Marine rescue helicopter seat—is equipped with a flamethrower capable of firing 15-foot flames. Capable of hitting 20 miles per hour, it is the latest invention of Lord Humongous—probably the secret identity of Dr. Strangelove—and a perfect… »5/29/08 10:30am5/29/08 10:30am