Watch local news broadcasts hilariously screw up in this blooper reel

If you think the funniest person in the world in 2013 was Louis C.K. or Aziz Ansari or some other genius laugh out loud comedian, you're probably right. But eventually their shtick will get tiring. It's going to happen. But do you know what never gets old and always stays funny though? Watching the local news screw up… » 12/26/13 11:11pm 12/26/13 11:11pm

18-Wheeler Crashes, Spills Hundreds of Bottles of Champagne on Highway

Take a look around you—because you will never forget where you were the day you heard about the Champagne Massacre of '13. Yesterday, Wednesday September 18 at around 2:30 pm, a truck filled to the brim with bubbly fell over, split open, and got I-395 in Connecticut absolutely wasted. » 9/19/13 12:13pm 9/19/13 12:13pm

This Impressive Young Man Had His Leg Reattached Backward So That He…

When Dugan Smith was 10 years old, doctors discovered a tumor "the size of a softball" in his right leg. He had a rare form of cancer, and he'd need an operation to remove it. Instead of choosing a more standard procedure, The Post Game reports this week, Smith opted for a "rotationplasty," because he didn't want to… » 5/21/11 1:00pm 5/21/11 1:00pm