Remote Finder Summons Lost Electronics By Whistle

I'd never stick one of these clunky beeping remote finder devices on any remote I gave a damn about. But they are triggered by the tone of the included whistle, which gives you and your clicker a relationship not unlike Lassie and Timmy. Very cool, until you lose the whistle. $18. Bonus: They've got a keychain version » 6/04/08 8:29pm 6/04/08 8:29pm

Sava-O Baby Head Whistle Necklace Disturbs for Life

Every once in a while our RSS reader shows us something so vile that our eyes burn in their sockets...and then we just need to show you. The Sava-O is an innocent whistle trapped in the plastic prison of a scary, devil-spawn baby. When brave users blow into the device, the baby's head pops up and its mouth opens,… » 7/16/07 12:07am 7/16/07 12:07am