Here's how to guarantee a white Christmas filled with snow tomorrow

Sorry, you can't control the weather and make it snow tomorrow. And sorry, you can't move your whole family to a place where it'll snow for a day. But if you really want to see a white Christmas (and that should be every non-Grinch) you can use a magical combination of diaper lining, light beer and Epsom salt to… » 12/24/13 11:23pm 12/24/13 11:23pm

I Imagine This Is What A White Christmas Looks Like In The Future

This could be how we re-create a "white Christmas" in the future when the world is dead and barren. But right now it's an art installation called the "Hope Tree" that's actually built with paper within a shipping container. » 11/13/10 7:00pm 11/13/10 7:00pm