I Accidentally Found a New JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory

I’ve never been one for JFK assassination conspiracy theories. But I do love studying what movies the presidents watched. So while compiling the list of films that President Kennedy viewed while in the White House I was surprised to stumble on what seems like fuel for a new conspiracy theory. How did President Kennedy…

The White House Screening of The Hunt For Red October Had Celebrities, Spies and (Maybe) a Sex Scandal

President George H. W. Bush hosted a star-studded screening of The Hunt for Red October at the White House on February 19, 1990. The guests included everyone from Tom Clancy and James Earl Jones to the CEO of Paramount and Colin Powell. Robert Gates was there, as was the director of the CIA, and men from the highest…

Let's Pause to Appreciate Obama's Clear and Obvious Love of the White House Science Fair 

President Obama has a genuine rapport with the nation’s kids and teens that has made the White House Science Fair a special treat during his tenure, and God knows what the official White House position on “science” will be come March 2017. So let’s take a moment to savor this annual event one last time.