Updated Macbooks Outperform Their Unibody Counterparts

Although the upgrades that Apple's last-gen $999 Macbooks received last week seemed unimpressive, when benchmarked and pitted against the $1299 unibody Macbook, last-gen's model proved to be 5% faster than its unibody counterpart at nearly every test. [PCWorld] » 6/03/09 8:00pm 6/03/09 8:00pm

White MacBooks Upgraded With Faster Processors, More Space, Faster RAM

Ole' Whitey, Apple's last-gen, $999 stalwart, has been treated to a second round of internal upgrades, this time a bit less impressive: a 133MHz processor bump, 40GB more storage and speedier DDR2-6400 RAM. [AppleThanks, Richard!] » 5/27/09 7:39am 5/27/09 7:39am