What's the Worst Thing About Virtual Assistants?

There’s a rumor that Apple will be redesigning Siri to better resemble its colorful Watch version. Cool. But with Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana getting a lot of development attention on their platforms, including a male version of Cortana, Siri probably needs more than just an interface overhaul. In fact, there’s… » 5/06/15 6:15pm 5/06/15 6:15pm

What's the Worst "Bill Shock" You've Ever Experienced From a Telecom?

Ron Dorff, 83, uses dial-up to connect to the Internet as one of AOL’s 2.2 million remaining customers. In the space of two months, he racked up $24,000 in AT&T charges when his modem erroneously dialed an international number to get online. What’s the most ridiculous bill you’ve received from a telecom provider? » 4/28/15 5:45pm 4/28/15 5:45pm

What Was Your First Online Video Experience?

Today marked the 10-year anniversary of the first video ever uploaded to YouTube. Back then, it was hard to imagine YouTube as the behemoth it has become — a Google-acquired media entity so massive that some people make millions of dollars from the videos they produce. But video’s been on the internet much longer than… » 4/23/15 7:30pm 4/23/15 7:30pm

"How Do I Find Porn?" Tell Us Your Nightmare Tales Of IT Support Calls

Telephones! For talking! They’re terrible, antiquated technology I hope we abandon someday to psychic brain implants. But phone assistance is still mandatory, especially in IT and tech support, and we know some of you have had to field ‘em. Give us your pain, your outrage, your unbridled hilarity. » 4/21/15 3:20pm 4/21/15 3:20pm