Google Wants to Use White Spaces for Mobile Broadband

Google confirmed in a letter to the FCC today that it's moving forward on plans to use white spaces—unused slivers of TV spectrum suitable for high-speed wireless—for mobile broadband services. It's been doing its own testing of gear, and they're "willing to provide, at no cost to third parties, the technical support… »3/24/08 12:40pm3/24/08 12:40pm

Google Event Monday About White Spaces: Google Wi-Fi in the Works?

Google, along with Microsoft, Dell, Intel, HP and Philips are pretty hot on devices that use white spaces—unused little blocks of the TV spectrum band that are prem-o for high-speed wireless. Billy G, for instance, wants to use it to make Wi-Fi even awesomer. So Google's announcement they're holding a press conference… »3/22/08 12:30pm3/22/08 12:30pm

Bill Gates Says White Space Is for Free Wi-Fi; Broadcasters Want License and Regulation

Referring to Microsoft's desire to use soon-to-be-opened broadcasting bandwidth for low-powered unlicensed wireless devices, Bill Gates argued that it will make for improved Wi-Fi, a term he appears to be using as simply non-regulated, subscription-free wireless. He said: »3/14/08 12:00pm3/14/08 12:00pm

Bill's opponents see this not as an…

Microsoft Google Dell Coalition "White Space" Prototypes Get Knocked By FCC: Device Gallery and Details

When Dell, Earthlink, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft and Philips got together to create a prototype "white space" device—that is, a box capable of two-way high-bandwidth wireless communication in the frequencies now occupied by analog TV signal—you would have thought the combined muscle would ensure success. But the… »8/09/07 10:23am8/09/07 10:23am