Seven Nation Army Played on Science Lab Kit Is a Nerdtastic Delight

Playing music with instruments is overrated. But while we've seen songs played on old computer kit before, this video takes things further: get ready to hear The White Stripe's Seven Nation Army played entirely on kit found in a science lab. » 2/17/12 6:55am 2/17/12 6:55am

The White Stripes Get Into the Camera Business

The White Stripes, a.k.a Meg and Jack White, have branched out from the music business to try their hand at the world of Lomography cameras. The result is a pair of branded, limited edition retro Holga and Diana semi-replica cameras that come complete with a cool look and a bunch of extras for photography lovers. » 10/16/07 2:30pm 10/16/07 2:30pm