Giant Removable Stickers Turn Any Flat Surface Into a Whiteboard

Inspiration can strike anywhere, and if you're the type who needs to immediately write down their revelations, you might want to toss a few bucks towards Brandon Saw who's Kickstartering a simple non-permanent adhesive wrap that turns any flat surface into an erasable whiteboard. If brainstorming is your thing, you'll… » 11/14/14 10:48am 11/14/14 10:48am

A Whiteboard With a 3D Face Will Really Improve Office Doodles

Hilarious caricatures of bosses and uptight managers are a staple of any office. But unless you work in a design studio filled with artists, deciphering who a doodle is supposed to be can be tricky. Unless you've got this whiteboard featuring a 3D face relief that lets even number crunchers create erasable… » 3/03/14 5:40pm 3/03/14 5:40pm

You'll Never Hunt For a Tool With Craftsman's Whiteboard Toolbox

Craftsman is eschewing the traditional bright red paint job of its rolling toolboxes for a stark white finish that's actually far more functional. The white paint used on its Limited Edition rolling eight-drawer tool chest is dry erase-friendly, so you can label the drawers as per what's inside, take notes, or make… » 3/26/13 5:20pm 3/26/13 5:20pm

Nic Cage Whiteboard Somehow Makes Nic Cage More Insane

Sure, you probably already have photos of Nicolas Cage hanging in most if not every room of your home. But Nic is so much more than a single shot can convey, and even a hundred of these approximations is an insult to the depth of his character. The Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard, however, finally offers the… » 2/20/13 5:20pm 2/20/13 5:20pm

Folding Origami Whiteboard Puts a Conference Room In Your Pocket

Because you never know when inspiration will strike, this portable whiteboard is broken up into 27 smaller segments so that it can be folded up and carried around in a generously sized shirt pocket—essentially turning any space into a collaborative conference room. » 8/03/12 8:52am 8/03/12 8:52am

Now I Feel Old: Schools to Get Multitouch Interactive Whiteboards

Time for a next-gen spin on the age-old debate of whether a blackboard or whiteboard is better in the classroom? I pose that question because Panasonic's interactive multitouch whiteboard comes days after we saw Sharp's LCD blackboard. Who feels old? » 8/25/10 10:40am 8/25/10 10:40am

MIT Teaches Computers to Turn Sloppy Sketches Into Search Queries

The compound sketched here is acetaminophen. Most wouldn't know that offhand and might struggle through messy Google searches in an attempt to find out. But what if our computers understood the sketch and we just had to voice our question? » 2/22/10 8:40pm 2/22/10 8:40pm