Tesla Sues White Star Ex-Designer for Sabotage

Tesla Motors, maker of the much hyped (and well reviewed) electric Roadster is suing Fisker Automotive, the outfit behind fake vroom-y Karma, for stealing Tesla's design and trade secrets. Supposedly, this pushed the sale date for Tesla's four-door sedan, White Star, back six months, to 2010. Henrik Fisker (the… » 4/15/08 10:45am 4/15/08 10:45am

Tesla Branches into Gas-Electric Hybrid Market

Tesla plans to enter the gas-electric hybrid market, with the first range extended vehicle (REV) to hit the streets by the end of 2009. Their all electric models negate the use for a gas motor entirely, but by adding a gas motor they will be able to produce hybrid vehicles with better performance.
» 2/02/08 6:00pm 2/02/08 6:00pm

Tesla Opening Electric Car Dealerships This Fall

If you've been waiting for your chance to buy a hot, hot Tesla electric car (such as their Roadster or Whitestar), good news. The electric car company is planning on opening 5 dealerships around the country this fall. » 3/16/07 4:00pm 3/16/07 4:00pm

Tesla Whitestar Electric Sedan: 4 Doors, Half the Price of the Roadster

Tesla's plans for Whitestar, the sedan version of their electric roadster, are coming along nicely. Head honcho Elon Musk, just announced of a New Mexico factory that'll start construction no later than April 2007. The best part? The 4-door will not only haul more people, but will cost half of the $89,000 roadster.… » 2/19/07 6:21pm 2/19/07 6:21pm