Whiz Kids Shows Science and Math Students Kicking Ass, Taking Names

Whiz Kids is a documentary about kids competing in the Science Talent Search, showing that not every American kid is a lazy deadbeat only good at texting and Halo. Like Revenge of the Nerds, but with less madcap zaniness. [YouTube] » 6/23/09 8:20pm 6/23/09 8:20pm

10 Gadget Whiz Kids Under the Age of 16

I'll admit, it's depressing when a kid under 16 has achieved more in their life than you have as an adult. However, the achievements of the whiz-kids in this list can also be inspiring. » 2/20/09 4:00pm 2/20/09 4:00pm

9 Year Old Writes iPhone Application

So, is the age of 10 becoming the new benchmark for career success? We already have an 8-year old Microsoft Certified Professional and now we can add a 9-year old iPhone developer to the list. » 2/05/09 12:20pm 2/05/09 12:20pm