Sound Asleep Pillow: Because Nobody Wants to Listen to Your Crappy Music

If you are the type that enjoys listening to some quiet music when drifting off to sleep, keep in mind that your partner may not share that characteristic. Perhaps it is time to stop being selfish and pick up one of these Sound Asleep Pillows. By hooking an iPod or other MP3 player into the jack, you can listen to… » 11/12/07 8:40pm 11/12/07 8:40pm

Gravity Zero Groove Bed May Be Too Entertaining to Sleep On

Never mind that the color scheme looks like it was designed by Ronald McDonald—this Gravity Zero bed is packing some serious features, like a 150-watt sound system, 2 sleep system motors, 2 powerful massage systems with 12 programs, four-joint adjustability, flexible shoulder comfort zone, pneumatic hand control, and… » 11/12/07 7:40pm 11/12/07 7:40pm