Watch an Airbus A380 Abort a Landing When It's Incredibly Close to the Ground

Here’s a British Airways Airbus A380 attempting to land at the Vancouver airport. You can see the world’s largest passenger airplane make its final approach and come so, so close to the ground—but then decide to abort and make a go-around instead. It’s crazy impressive to see such a big plane make a maneuver like this.


Skipping a Pound of Sodium Across a Lake Is Way More Fun Than Skipping a Rock

We know that mixing sodium with water causes awesome explosions. We know that skipping rocks across a lake is very probably one of the funnest things you can do outdoors. Next time, we’re all bringing a pound of sodium to the lake so we can watch it explode over and over again as it skips its way across the lake. It’s…

These Drones Dancing in the Air Against a Mountain Look Like Real Life Space Invaders

Here’s a really fun drone ballet performed in front of Mount Fuji in Japan. The drones look a lot like and move a lot like the aliens you shoot down in the classic video game Space Invaders. The whole dancing drone thing is really cool (especially when set against the mountain) but what would be even cooler is if…