The Closest You Can Get to a Lightning Strike Without Actually Getting Struck by Lightning

Well, damn. That’s a heck of a close call. This footage of a thunderstorm is from South Sydney Australia and you can see how close the people taken the footage were to getting struck by lightning. Like this is very probably the closest you could get without actually getting blasted with a bolt.

The Intense Shockwave of Flattening a Car into a Pancake with Explosives

Mythbusters attempted to turn a car into a pancake with the help of 1,000 pounds of ANFO (ammonium nitrate fuel oil) and a giant steel plate which resulted in a ginormous explosion and a really spectacular shockwave. Seeing the whole thing in high speed, you can see the shockwave grow like a bubble beyond the blow up.

Thermal Imaging Reveals How Fast a Shirtless Person Loses Body Heat in the Cold

Here is footage taken using the military spec Selex Merlin thermal imaging camera of a shirtless man in the Scottish highlands during winter. The point is to show how fast humans lose the heat on their body when their bare skin is exposed to the bitter blistering cold. When he first takes off his clothes, you can see…

Time Lapse Shows How Much Snow Fell During the Blizzard of 2016

Winter Storm Jonas hit the east coast over the weekend and if you spent any time on Instagram or Facebook or any social network where people who live on the east coast are required to post a minimum of three pictures each, you’d know that there was a ridiculous amount of snow that got dropped onto cities. Here’s time…

Seeing the Migration of Thousands of Reindeers in the Winter Is Totally Majestic

Here’s absolutely gorgeous footage of a huge herd of reindeers making their way across Norway during winter from photographer Jan Helmer Olsen. Seeing all those reindeers walk through the snow in search for warmth is especially beautiful because of the aerial drone view. Their movement is almost balletic from up there.

10 Impressive Optical Illusion Drawings That Break What You Think Is Real

In every one of these side-by-sides from artist Howard Lee (and there are ten of them), one is the real object and the other is just a hyperrealistic drawing. Some of these drawings look so real that it’s hard to tell what’s art and what’s not. It’s especially great because after we get fooled, we get to see how the…

This Tunnel Put Together Like Lego Bricks Impossibly Sticks Together with No Support

Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit this: I feel slightly less comfortable when I’m under a tunnel than when I’m not. It’s not that I think that the tunnel will collapse on me but it’s because I know the sky absolutely won’t. This tunnel would put my fear into overdrive because this one looks like it would totally collapse…