SpaceX rocket exploded in the air during a test launch

Well, that's not supposed to happen. A SpaceX rocket exploded during a test flight in Texas earlier today. This was the second test for the three engine version of SpaceX's reusable Falcon 9 rocket. There were no injuries. » 8/22/14 10:05pm 8/22/14 10:05pm

It Only Takes One Bozo To Kill Your Cloud Data

Think all your data is safe and sound in The Cloud? Maybe you shouldn't be so sure. Yesterday, a system administrator at a cloud service data center accidentally rebooted every single server at once by accident. It's a handy reminder that you're only one idiot away from total data annihilation. » 5/28/14 1:40pm 5/28/14 1:40pm

Shutterfly Just Congratulated Hundreds of Random Users on Having a Baby

Thanks to what is either the biggest episode of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant ever or an entirely different kind of accident, the folks over at Shutterfly have had a very busy morning. And you would, too, if you'd just congratulated hundreds of strangers on their nonexistent babies. » 5/14/14 2:00pm 5/14/14 2:00pm

This Is Why You Should Always Use the Parking Brake

Thank god for security cameras. Otherwise, we might never have been able to bear witness to this incredible scene of a FedEx delivery gone horribly wrong. » 4/04/14 10:06am 4/04/14 10:06am

Always Clear the Porn From Your Browser Before Going on TV

Someone over in the production department at Chicago's WGN news station is apparently learning about internet best practices the hard way today. This very unlucky employee managed to get their little Pornhub Mobile habit splashed all over the local news—and, naturally, the internet took notice. » 2/11/14 11:00am 2/11/14 11:00am

"Worlds' Oldest Diamonds" Turned Out to Be Leftover Cleaning Supplies

Back in 2007, scientists found evidence of our planet's first continents in the form of 4.3 billion-year-old diamonds—old as the very Earth itself. And these diamonds were finally going to give us the insight into the evolution of Earth's crust that we've been searching for. Now, six years later, there's just one… » 12/30/13 6:00pm 12/30/13 6:00pm

"Death Ray" Architect Blames His Car-Melting Skyscraper on Sunny Days

London made headlines this week for a uniquely modern phenomenon; the city's newest skyscraper is reflecting the sun into an insanely powerful “death ray” that can start fires and fry eggs. Now, the building's architect has spoken out: "We made a lot of mistakes with this building, and we will take care of it." » 9/06/13 4:20pm 9/06/13 4:20pm

For a Brief Moment In Time, Google+ Was an Annoying Spam Machine

For about 80 minutes yesterday, the plus sign in Google+ meant additional spam notifications for its millions of users. » 7/10/11 11:00am 7/10/11 11:00am

Does Anyone Know Where Kimberly, Wisconsin's Time Capsule Is?

In 1985, officials in Kimberly, Wisconsin buried a time capsule. They were supposed to open it this year to commemorate the village's 100th anniversary, but they've run into something of a snag: no one knows where the damn thing is. » 12/29/10 11:20am 12/29/10 11:20am

The Galaxy Tab's Porn Button Explained

Take a close look at this Romanian Samsung Galaxy Tab. See the Porn button? That's 100% real. But you shouldn't pack your bag for Bucharest quite yet. » 10/08/10 1:20pm 10/08/10 1:20pm

How Jimmy Kimmel Recorded Tonight's Show With a Laptop

Even if you're not a regular Jimmy Kimmel Live fan, it might be worth tuning in tonight. Because when they tried to film the episode yesterday, the power went out. So they recorded with a laptop webcam instead. UPDATED: » 6/22/10 9:20pm 6/22/10 9:20pm

USB Drive Loaded with British Military Troop Movements Found on Floor…

It looks as though the UK's Ministry of Defense is about to come down hard on the person responsible for leaving a USB drive loaded with troop movements on the floor of "The Beach" nightclub in Newquay, Cornwall. The drive was picked up by a random clubgoer who promptly turned it over to the most responsible party he… » 9/09/08 5:40pm 9/09/08 5:40pm