Brian Lam on Cranky Geeks Today!

Hey folks, our Brian Lam is on Cranky Geeks with John Dvorak today, chatting about hairstyles, gadgets and wearing underwear on their heads. Make sure to tune in at 12:30 PST (that's in 10 minutes!) to see Brian sweaty from running all the way to downtown San Francisco from his apartment in that getup. » 5/09/07 4:15pm 5/09/07 4:15pm

The Best iPhone Guide Ever Now Available for Pre-order

Did you guys see that iPhone for Dummies book cover floating around the blogs today? That's a weird cover, isn't it? The girl's holding an iPod up to her ear. I mean, aren't these guys supposed to know the difference between and iPod and and iPhone? Plus, you guys aren't dummies, so why would you want that book? You… » 4/06/07 3:30am 4/06/07 3:30am

A Special Message for Portable Device Users

As part of our continuing efforts to whore ourselves out, we've found a new way to make Gizmodo accessible on your mobile device (Palm, Blackberry, or Pocket PC). This new service downloads the latest Gizmodo content whenever you sync, so you can read it on the go, whether you've got a wireless signal or not. » 12/21/05 10:39am 12/21/05 10:39am