Hurricane LTE-U: Don’t Let Wi-Fi Get Blown Away

A storm is brewing over use of the 5.8 GHz unlicensed band of the radio spectrum as telecommunications companies plan to expand their LTE networks outside their traditional, licensed ranges and into the same unlicensed bands used by Wi-Fi, cordless headsets, and plenty of other consumer technology. »11/04/15 11:30pm11/04/15 11:30pm

FCC Fines Hilton and MC Dean $750,000 Over Blocking Guests' Wi-Fi

The FCC has been taking a much-needed stand against companies that block personal Wi-Fi hotspots in an effort to get people to buy overpriced access to (normally crap) Wi-Fi networks. The latest pair of cartoon corporate villains: Hilton Hotels, and M.C. Dean, provider to Wi-Fi to the Baltimore Convention Center. »11/03/15 1:09am11/03/15 1:09am

It's About Damn Time: FCC Says Convention Centers Can't Block Wifi

We’ve all been ripped off when paying for wifi. But now, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is cracking down on companies that block you from using anything but their exorbitantly priced services. The agency just slapped a company with a $750,000 fine for blocking wifi hotspots at convention centers. »8/18/15 12:05pm8/18/15 12:05pm