Samsung's Nutty Android Galaxy Camera Is Coming to AT&T's 4G Network Soon

We've been excited about the Samsung Galaxy Camera since it was announced back in August. We saw the weird/brilliant mashup of a Jelly Bean-running Galaxy S III with a point-and-shoot camera in action last month, and it looked like a winning combination. Well, Samsung has just answered a few of the remaining question… »10/04/12 3:26pm10/04/12 3:26pm


Nikon Coolpix S800c: Can Android Make Wi-Fi Useful On a Camera?

It makes sense that Nikon's trotting out a Wi-Fi connected camera just like everybody else. For the people who replaced a real camera with a smartphone camera, taking pictures and posting them online are one and the same activity. But the Coolpix S800c runs Android 2.3 and has 4 gigs of storage for apps. That's weird!… »8/22/12 12:01am8/22/12 12:01am