How Big Data Is Helping Snuff Out California's Wildfire Epidemic

California is currently in the grips of a major drought, one of the worst of this generation. The region's lack of precipitation has not only hindered California's agricultural industry, it's also turned our forests into tinder. But researchers at the University of California San Diego have a potential solution: just… » 8/07/14 11:40am 8/07/14 11:40am

Wi-Fire Wi-Fi Booster Now Available For Windows Vista, Linux on the Way

A couple of months ago we discovered that the notion of a 3x Wi-Fi signal boost from the Wi-Fire wasn't a load of crap after all. In fact, it delivered a 5x signal boost and a range approaching 1000 feet for only $79.99. All the more reason why Vista owners should be excited that hField has developed a version… » 11/06/07 7:00pm 11/06/07 7:00pm

Wi-Fire Wi-Fi Booster Tested (Verdict: Almost a 5x Boost)

The 1000-foot range and 3x signal boost hField Technologies claimed for their Wi-Fire signal boosters seemed like spec inflation, but Macenstein took precious time away from taking pictures of bikini ladies and tested it out. Their findings? An almost 5x boost. They would have hit the 1000-foot range as well if it… » 9/17/07 4:40pm 9/17/07 4:40pm