A Real-Life Laser Tri-Blade Lightsaber Is the Best Worst Idea

A Wicked Lasers product has long been the closest you can get to a real-life lightsaber, but there are some Jedi weapons better left on the screen. If the tri-blade lightsaber revealed in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser has caught your eye, and safety isn't your utmost concern, with the help of a 3D printer… »12/22/14 11:08am12/22/14 11:08am


You Can Control This Blinding Green Laser Pointer With Your Smartphone

There's really no practical reason anyone needs to own a high-powered green laser pointer (sorry stargazers, not buying it) but that doesn't make them any less desirable. Especially now that Wicked Lasers has just revealed the Evo which can be customized and controlled via an app on your Android or iOS smartphone. »10/09/13 11:20am10/09/13 11:20am

Making Your Laser a Flashlight Is the Lamest Way to Make It Useful

Wicked Lasers has made a name for itself by building incredibly powerful handheld lasers that it's still legally able to sell to the public. At the top of the heap is the Wicked Lasers Arctic which blasts forth a full watt of focused blue light. But when you tire of getting in trouble with the FAA you can now easily … »5/14/13 12:46pm5/14/13 12:46pm

The Closest Thing to a Lightsaber on Earth Is Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

It's no secret we think Wicked Lasers are wicked cool here at Gizmodo. The problem is that they're always a luxury; never a necessity. Sure, it would be really awesome to play with the LaserSaber, but nobody's head is going to pop if they don't (some balloons might, though.) But that's also what makes a super-powerful… »11/09/12 3:00pm11/09/12 3:00pm

FAA Enlists the Web For Reporting Laser Shenanigans

Every year laser pointers get brighter and cheaper, and every year the number of incidents involving some bozo shining one at an aircraft increases. In 2005 there were just 283 reports, but that number has increased every year, hitting an astonishing 2,836 in 2010. So the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set… »10/29/11 6:00pm10/29/11 6:00pm

The Two-Headed Sith Series Spyder III Laser: Death by Fun

In honor of May the Fourth (be with you), the real-life lightsaber has gone over to the dark side. The special "Sith Series" edition of the Spyder III, available now as an actual thing you can buy and use and burn things with, combines two Spyder III portable lasers locked together at the boring end by a Spyder… »5/04/11 11:20am5/04/11 11:20am

Lightning Review: The Wicked Lasers Torch Flashlight Can Burn Paper

The Gadget: »9/24/08 4:00pm9/24/08 4:00pm The Torch flashlight from Wicked Lasers is currently being reviewed by Guinness as the world's most powerful flashlight. At 4100 lumens, the Torch can easily start fires and even fry eggs. $300 Simply put, the Torch flashlight is like carrying around a floodlight in your hand. It is easily the most…

Fire-Starting Flashlight Will Illuminate, Torch Everything in Your Path

Flashlights are generally there to help you out in a time of need, such as when your power goes out and you need to fumble around in the dark. A flashlight that lights stuff on fire because it's so powerful might be neat for goofing around with your pyro friends, but something tells me that if you accidentally burned… »1/28/08 4:45pm1/28/08 4:45pm