Olympus SP-570 Prosumer Cam Has Everything: 20x Zoom, Wide-Angle and…

The Olympus SP-570 10-megapixel camera isn't a DSLR, but it's got fairly pro-level features, which means it's perfect for the Gizmodo reader who's just getting into photography. There's a 20x zoom (520mm focal length equivalent), a macro-mode (26mm focal length equivalent) that allows you to shoot at up to 0.39 inches… » 1/22/08 4:46pm 1/22/08 4:46pm

New LCD Display From NEC Can Switch Between Wide and Narrow Viewing…

Today NEC announced the development of a LCD display that can switch between wide and narrow viewing angles without sacrificing image quality. Essentially, this would allow users to choose between a wide angle "public" mode (sharing photos of your vacation) or a narrow "private" mode (watching porn at work). This… » 10/24/07 8:50pm 10/24/07 8:50pm

Samsung L74 Includes Wide-Angle Lens, Touchscreen

It is nice to see Samsung plop a 28mm wide-angle NV optical zoom lens on their latest L-series camera, the L74. Another notable feature on this point-n-shoot is the 3-inch touchscreen LCD on the backside. This yet-to-be-released camera also includes facial recognition, a 7.2-megapixel CCD, Advanced Shake Reduction,… » 1/29/07 6:25pm 1/29/07 6:25pm

Wide-Angle Lens Without Distortion, A Mirror

Anyone see that recent Hummer commercial that has a really weird shot of a Hummer grill driving through the desert? That's wide-angle distortion. A South Korean researcher at Nanophotonics has invented a wide-angle lens without distortion and it only costs $100. How does it work? Instead of using high-end glass… » 12/02/06 11:51am 12/02/06 11:51am