Microsoft's Bing Awkwardly Gatecrashes Android's Party

Microsoft has spotted a gap in the market, offering an integrated search and mapping tool for Google's Android platform. That'll really come in handy, as it's the one area where Google is really lacking at the moment, isn't that right, everyone? The new Bing for Mobile Android App has launched for Android users on the… »8/31/10 6:20am8/31/10 6:20am


Fanboy Proposes to Girlfriend with Dashboard Widget

All you computer geeks out there listen up. If you're looking for a creative way to pop the marriage question here's some advice—write her a widget. That's what a Flickr (and Mac) user by the name of Bjorn recently did. He proposed to his girlfriend by telling her to hit F12 on his Mac (we're wondering if it was a… »1/30/07 10:41am1/30/07 10:41am