Lady Gaga's Glowing, Fiber-Optic Disney Princess Wig

Lady Gaga's latest costume is a very cool wig made out of real human hair and "the finest fiber optics in existence." She and her wig maker drew their inspiration for these glowing blonde locks from the idea of a "Disney Princess going to a rave." Of course. » 9/14/12 2:00am 9/14/12 2:00am

World's First Wig Purifier Uses Air to Clean Your Hair

Intended for everyone from cancer patients to entertainers, OzoneClean uses the highest, yet safe, level of ozone needed for sterilization to create the world's first Wig Purifier. » 5/11/09 9:20pm 5/11/09 9:20pm

Glamorous Cat Wigs

Does your cat have a hair problem? Thinning, balding, graying hair? We'll then, we have the product for you. Kitty Wigs. Yes, thats right, Kitty Wigs, the only wigs for your feline companions. With models ranging from pink passion, bashful blonde, silver fox and electric blue, your cat will be the talk of the town.… » 1/07/08 11:33pm 1/07/08 11:33pm