Subsonic Wii Laser Sword Attachment Destined for Land Fill in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

One day Wii controller attachment manufacturers are going to run out of plastic, and the world is going to be a better place. But until that day, there's going to be a seemingly never-ending tide of white plastic crap like this "Laser Sword" attachment from French company Subsonic. It's kind of like what Wilson found… »7/27/08 2:00pm7/27/08 2:00pm

Wii WeDock Appears Useful Despite Appallingly Alliterative Appellation

Looking for a place to stash those WiiMotes and their associated nunchucks? Here's the Wii WeDock, a storage container we didn't notice when the Brandoite junk purveyors were hawking it in a Wii-matching white color last month. But this black one caught our attention because it looks like a garbage bin for biohazard… »8/07/07 10:15am8/07/07 10:15am