Teknocreations' InCharge Juices Wiimotes Without Contact

We've featured a couple of Wiimote » 9/18/08 10:45pm 9/18/08 10:45pm before, but here's one that's gotten around the pesky problem of charging without metal contacts-annoying if you actually use those Wiimote jackets. Teknocreations' InCharge allows you to dock up to two 'motes, silicon and all, to grab 25 hours of gameplay juice. How? Magic (i…

Subsonic Wii Laser Sword Attachment Destined for Land Fill in a Galaxy…

One day Wii controller attachment manufacturers are going to run out of plastic, and the world is going to be a better place. But until that day, there's going to be a seemingly never-ending tide of white plastic crap like this "Laser Sword" attachment from French company Subsonic. It's kind of like what Wilson found… » 7/27/08 2:00pm 7/27/08 2:00pm

Wii WeDock Appears Useful Despite Appallingly Alliterative Appellation

Looking for a place to stash those WiiMotes and their associated nunchucks? Here's the Wii WeDock, a storage container we didn't notice when the Brandoite junk purveyors were hawking it in a Wii-matching white color last month. But this black one caught our attention because it looks like a garbage bin for biohazard… » 8/07/07 10:15am 8/07/07 10:15am