Friiboard Makes The Wii Balance Board Better For Skateboarding and…

I'll be dammed if a simple convex piece of plastic is worth $45, but if you are a huge fan of skateboarding and snowboarding games, the Friiboard looks like it will bring more realistic movement to the Wii Balance Board. » 12/03/09 3:19pm 12/03/09 3:19pm

5 Things That Should've Been at E3 But Weren't

All of the major E3 keynotes from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are over. While 2009 is now officially the year of motion controls, there's still something missing. Here's what we expected to see at E3, but didn't. » 6/03/09 1:00pm 6/03/09 1:00pm

Wii Ski and Snowboard Uses Balance Board, Looks Amazing

It isn't the first balance board-enabled ski game for the Wii, but it sure looks like it'll be the best. With the weird » 10/08/08 5:30am 10/08/08 5:30am and balance board hacks cropping up all over the place, it's good — though late — for Nintendo to finally demonstrate a game that looks worthy of the device. []

Microsoft Surface on a Wii Balance Board

It's tough to imagine the eureka moment when an engineer, equating the Microsoft Surface with a fat person with a penchant for curly fries dipped in ranch, decided to place the Surface on the Wii Balance Board. But the result, coupled with a custom-coded Surface app, creates a tilt screen of epic proportions.… » 10/03/08 9:00am 10/03/08 9:00am

Man Uses Wii Balance Board to Move A Robot, Plans to Move People Too

Juan González has hacked together a simple setup that lets his Wii Balance board move a small, irritating robot in any direction. This looks like the first robotic pairing for the board, which has to date has only been interfaced with computers as a control device to awkwardly navigate games and mapping applications.… » 6/27/08 3:40pm 6/27/08 3:40pm

Hacked Wii Fit Board Lets You Stumble Around Azeroth

The Germans who hacked a Wii Balance Board from Wii Fit to surf Google Earth have found a much more fun use for the peripheral – running around World of Warcraft. In this follow up video, Simon and Mattieu control a low level gnome exploring Ironforge, avoiding wolves and slamming into tree trunks. Now all they… » 6/14/08 6:00pm 6/14/08 6:00pm