Wii's Opera Browser 2.0 Update Gets Detailed

Game Reactor » 11/11/08 10:30pm 11/11/08 10:30pm has the scoop on Wii's Opera Browser 2.0, coming this December for 500 Wii Points ($5). It's got Wii Speak compatibility, updated buttons, a maximum of six tabs, Wii Mail support and will be free for people who already paid for the first. Those of you who love surfing the net with a motion stick are going…

Wii Browser Enters Release Candidate Stage: Arrives Friday

Nintendo is finally starting to round out the Wii's promised features — earlier today we were graced by the weather channel, over a month after the system's launch. Now, Opera and Nintendo have announced that a trial version of its browser for the Wii will be available this Friday, Dec. 22, with the final dropping… » 12/19/06 5:50pm 12/19/06 5:50pm