Zero-Cost Gadget Upgrades For the Next Great Depression

Hanging out at sites like Giz may have instilled in you an insatiable, pocket-emptying gadget habit. But now we're entering a new era-the old guys on the TV are saying that soon we may not even have pockets, let alone money for them. Don't panic though: You've probably got a wealth of gadgetry sitting underutilized… » 10/07/08 2:30pm 10/07/08 2:30pm

Wii Pack Generator Builds Custom Wii Homebrew Installers Via Web

Acting as a one-stop repository for all things Wii homebrew, the Wii Pack Generator brought to you by the WiiBrew folks is a handy aggregator for all of the various homebrew apps scattered around the Web. Just click the checkboxes next to the software you want (including getting things started with the Homebrew… » 7/28/08 9:20am 7/28/08 9:20am

Wii Homebrew Can Now Read Burned DVDs, Play PSP Games?

Couple of news tidbits from the shadowy Wii homebrew scene today. First is what is supposedly the first custom Wii firmware that its author, Waninkoko, claims will allow the Wii to read burned DVDs without any hardware modification. And from the "just for the hell of it" department is a separate announcement of a PSP… » 7/18/08 6:30pm 7/18/08 6:30pm