Wii Launch NYC: The Second Biggest Fan

This guy's name is John, and he's been here since 8am this morning, putting him about 50 people back in the line. He might be 50 people back, but he's got more spirit that most of the tired and irritable
people ahead of him. Why, just look at that sweatshirt! I mean, he's even got a Super Famicom controller on there


Wii Launch NYC: Everyone Gets a Wii

Rumors are flying that the Toys 'R' Us in Times Square is stocked to the gills with 5,000 Wii's, making the multiple-day waits the people at the front of the line have endured seem kind of… pointless. With numbers like that, you'll be able to stroll in on Monday afternoon and pick up a Wii or two without enduring…