Mental Math: The PlayStation Move Experience Is Going to Be Expensive

Sony barely mentioned pricing with their PlayStation Move motion controller, only noting that the combo pricing with PlayStation Eye and a game will cost less than $100. But by our back-of-the-envelope calculations, the experience is going to be really expensive. » 3/11/10 5:28pm 3/11/10 5:28pm

Why the Original Wiimote Didn't Have MotionPlus

In the warm afterglow of E3's various motion-control debuts, Nintendo's MotionPlus Wiimote add-on—priced high and no longer ahead of the curve—isn't as enticing as it once was, leaving the company in defense mode. For example: » 6/04/09 4:52am 6/04/09 4:52am

Nintendo's E3 Keynote Liveblog Archive

Nintendo's E3 press conference hasn't even started, and they've already slammed Sony. Impressive! The conference kicks off at 9AM PT—noon ET—but our liveblog is getting fired up now. Besides the New Wii Fit Motion Music Plus New Play Super 64, what do you want to see? » 6/02/09 11:20am 6/02/09 11:20am