Nintendo Offers Solution to Wii Storage Problem, Uses Wii Points to Lure Users Onto the Net

More from the Nintendo Press Conference: the company will let you download games onto SD cards » 10/02/08 1:53am 10/02/08 1:53am on the Wii, starting Spring 2009. Yes, you'll have to wait another four or five months before you get to unclog the Wii's paltry HD, but at least it's something right? Nintendo president Satoru Iwata also talked about an…

Nintendo's Working on Improved Wii Storage? Maybe?

Nintendo's Laurent Fischer recently got in trouble when he said only "geeks" and "otaku" want more space on their Wii to store stuff. Now he has to not only apologize, but say that Nintendo knows "there is an issue in this," and that they're working on something. Maybe. Laurent follows up that with a quote saying they… » 6/18/08 1:59pm 6/18/08 1:59pm