Nintendo Kills Wii Homebrew With Update, Again, Again, Again

Nowadays, any self-respecting hardware manufacturer is locked in an interminable battle to lock down their platforms for unclear reasons, because that's how things are, OK? » 10/24/08 4:20am 10/24/08 4:20am Accordingly, Nintendo has just released a patch to prevent would-be homebrewers from enjoying their Wiis too much. Not that this is unexpected —…

Wii Firmware Update Adds Full USB Keyboard Support

Nintendo added partial USB keyboard support in the last Wii firmware update, but the latest 3.1 update brings full USB support. Now everyone can use a keyboard to type in those long-ass Wii friend codes that Nintendo so graciously had you enter for every game you want to play online. It's like they don't even want » 10/10/07 2:20pm 10/10/07 2:20pm