Iwata: It's a "Good Sign" When Everybody Thinks New Nintendo Stuff Is…

Sometimes, I wish my brain processed reality with this kind of incredible logic. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata says the fact that you think the Wii Vitality sensor is lame balls is actually a "good sign" for Nintendo: » 8/11/09 7:40pm 8/11/09 7:40pm

Nintendo Giving Themselves a Year to Figure Out WTF to Do With Wii…

It looks like the Wii won't be sensing vitalities for a while. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata says they "would like to deliver the actual product not too late in the year next year." I suggest you pick up yoga. [Joystiq] » 8/10/09 8:40pm 8/10/09 8:40pm

Nintendo on the Wii Vitality Sensor: You Just Don't Understand

The Wii Vitality Sensor was met with a very harsh, possibly unfair reception when it was announced at E3. Now, Nintendo is getting a little defensive about their upcoming medical instrument game peripheral. » 7/10/09 6:58am 7/10/09 6:58am

Nintendo Wii Vitality Sensor Is Nintendo's Second Heart Rate Monitor

Back in 1998, Nintendo announced a REVOLUTIONARY new accessory for the N64: the Bio Sensor, which was bundled with Tetris 64. What did it do? Why, it monitored your heart rate, in real time! » 6/09/09 8:38am 6/09/09 8:38am

E3 2009 Roundup: Revenge of the Motion Controllers

E3 was positively epic this year—it's like we got brand new consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, but with the same boxes we have in our living room right now. Here's all our coverage in one handy spot: » 6/06/09 9:00am 6/06/09 9:00am

Wii Vitality Sensor Turns Wii Into Definitive Nursing Home Console

Some news at the Nintendo E3 conference at last: The Wii Vitality Sensor. It tracks your pulse. I'm sure it will have millions of fun applications. Seriously Nintendo, really? » 6/02/09 12:59pm 6/02/09 12:59pm