TRAKR RC Car Lets You Spy With the Power of Apps

Apps are here to to stay, so we might as well get our kids on board early. That's the thinking behind Wild Planet's Spy Video TRAKR, a video-enabled RC car that can be loaded up with free, kid-created programs. » 2/12/10 4:20pm 2/12/10 4:20pm

Wild Planet Pocket Forensics Kit Sorts Out Any Playroom Crime Scene

Now when junior complains that one of the evil neighborhood kids has stolen his favorite toy, hand him this Lil' CSI kit, complete with UV light, and get him dusting for prints. » 2/16/09 4:40pm 2/16/09 4:40pm

Mobile Spy Ear: Domestic Eavesdropping For NSA Tots

President Bush defends domestic eavesdropping, so why shouldn't you? The Mobile Spy Ear, which completes Wild Planet's trifecta of kiddie 007 gadgets, is moveable car with a microphone that transmits sounds to an earbud from up to 75 feet away. » 2/12/07 7:45am 2/12/07 7:45am

Spy Gear Intruder Trap System: RFID for Kids

Wild Planet's Intruder Trap System is made up of three wireless motion sensors connected by radio frequency. I suppose the "keep out" sign just isn't enough in this day and age. Why three? They all work together. The first one is touch sensitive... » 2/12/07 7:44am 2/12/07 7:44am

Toy Of The Year Winner Wild Planet Sneaks Us A Peek At Next Year's Spy…

Wild Planet's Spy Video Car was undoubtedly one of the coolest toys of last year, hence the company's big Toy Of The Year win. Now they are expanding the line with several additional spy-themed products. The first of which is this Agent Action Briefcase. » 2/12/07 7:43am 2/12/07 7:43am