The Mass Die-off of Saiga This Spring Was Much Worse Than We Thought

This summer, we were horrified to learn that 60,000 endangered saiga dropped dead in Central Kazakhstan over the course of four days, with the total death toll for the month of May pegged at 120,000. But it was even worse than we realized: According to new estimates, at least 211,000 saiga, 50% of the species, died… »11/03/15 11:40am11/03/15 11:40am


Wildlife Is Making a Comeback at Chernobyl — Now That People Have Left

The accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986 had a devastating impact on the local population and forced 116,000 people to permanently leave their homes. But now researchers have discovered that, while the people may not have returned, the contaminated area of Belarus is teeming with wild animals,… »10/06/15 6:15am10/06/15 6:15am

Now You Can Help Scientists Track Animals in Mozambique From Your Sofa

Everyone wants to help the environment, but all of that actually doing stuff takes a lot of effort, right? Then good news as a new project has launched which will let ordinary people, with no scientific background, contribute to a scientific mission to track the recovery of the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. »9/12/15 5:00pm9/12/15 5:00pm

City-Dwelling Coyotes Prefer Urban Spaces Like Their Human Neighbors

Whether they’re howling at fire engines or hanging out in bars, coyotes have become a part of urban life. But a new study of LA coyotes by the National Park System has confirmed something that Angelenos have suspected for years: Coyotes aren’t just sauntering down our streets on their way to the local park. They… »7/29/15 7:35pm7/29/15 7:35pm

Some of Canada's Lakes Are Turning Into Jelly Thanks to Acid Rain

It's a real bummer to hear that 150 years of industrialization wrecked the Earth so bad that it'll take thousands to recover. It's a much bigger bummer to see the situation in real life. That's exactly what's happening in a large number of Canada's lakes, which are turning into jelly thanks to acid rain. »11/19/14 11:53am11/19/14 11:53am