Will.i.am Says His Amazing Smartwatch Is Totally Real, Coming in July

Musician/Intel employee/iPhone accessorizer will.i.am appeared on a British TV show yesterday showing off his self-produced smartwatch, which he says has completely replaced his phone. If we're to believe everything we see on TV, it's pretty impressive. » 4/05/14 8:59am 4/05/14 8:59am

Will.i.am's New Phone Case: Worse Than His Band

We steeled ourselves last week as we learned that frequent ruiner of things, Will.i.am planned to release a gaudy iPhone case that turned your iPhone's 8-megapixel camera into a 14-megapixeler. Now we have images and it's even more garish and ugly than we could have imagined. » 11/28/12 2:50pm 11/28/12 2:50pm

Will.i.am Forgets His Own Lyrics During Performance, Reads Them from…

Have you ever unwittingly memorized the lyrics to a Black Eyed Peas song? Of course you have—they're too damn catchy not to remember! Which is why this video, of frontman will.i.am resorting to reading the words to his own song from a cellphone during a recent performance of "Don't Stop the Party" on French TV, is all… » 6/10/11 6:40am 6/10/11 6:40am

Intel Puts will.i.am On the Payroll Because Why?

First Polaroid appoints Lady Gaga its Creative Director, now Intel taps will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas as its "Director of Creative Innovation." Somewhere, Right Said Fred stares at his phone, patiently awaiting Cisco's call. » 1/25/11 4:00pm 1/25/11 4:00pm

Will.I.Am's New Video/BlackBerry Ad Shows the Price of Stealing Music

Sure, Will.I.Am's "One More Chance" video looks like it was directed by RIM, what with it's huge BlackBerry billboard and a prominently featured Curve. But you know what? Everyone's gotta eat, and when we insist on BitTorrenting albums instead of buying them, we should expect this from musicians. Along with Jay-Z » 8/07/08 5:40pm 8/07/08 5:40pm