Magnetic Buckyballs In a Blender Create One Terrifying Light Show

It didn't take long for those "Will it Blend?" videos to get long in the tooth. You can only watch so many smartphones being torn to shreds before the novelty wears off. But to celebrate the birth of his 40th grandkid, Tom Dickson tosses a mountain of magnetic Buckyballs into the blades and the results are as… »1/26/15 1:40pm1/26/15 1:40pm


Yes, We Are Painfully Aware That Your Blenders Will Easily Pulp an iPhone 3G To Bits Thank You Very Much For Asking Again

The original iPhone with its metal back couldn't survive the Blender's assault, so what chance does this iPhone 3G's plastic spine have? Zero. Then again, has anything ever failed to blend properly? I'd say these guys need a new shtick but we keep linking and you keep clicking so I guess I'm not actually as… »7/12/08 6:02am7/12/08 6:02am

Blender With Built-In Tachometer: How Fast Does It Blend?

We present the latest evolution in "Will It Blend?" technology: A 900-watt, 20,000-RPM blender with a built-in tachometer. Although I've been quite happy with my run-of-the-mill Cuisinart, I have slight gadget lust for the brushed steel-y, $134 L'Equip RPM blender and a pulsing desire to see how many RPMs it takes to… »1/02/08 5:20pm1/02/08 5:20pm

Will It Return? Blended Camcorder, Completely Destroyed, Taken to Best Buy for Refund

What happens if you take a camcorder and completely destroy it in a blender, then try to return its blended-up remains to Best Buy? Well, there is a 14-day return policy, isn't there? In a spinoff of its "Will It Blend?" series that promotes Blendtec blenders, one of the show's brave souls attempted just that. Would… »4/13/07 12:50pm4/13/07 12:50pm