Mio's Knight Rider GPS Now Available For Pre-Order

The Knight Rider GPS » 8/11/08 4:48pm 8/11/08 4:48pm that everyone was drooling over a few months ago is now available for pre-order on the Radio Shack website in the US and Sears in Canada for $270 and $290 respectively. The device is set to ship on September 24th. [ and ]

Mio's Knight Rider GPS Test Drive Video

I got a sneak peek at Mio's new Knight Rider GPS, and it's more fun and cheesy than I expected. As you can see in the video, William Daniels, the original voice of KITT, guides you as you cruise the streets, fighting crime. Flashing red LEDs are synced up to the speech, and the screen marks your location with a… » 6/24/08 6:00am 6/24/08 6:00am

Knight Rider GPS With KITT's Voice!

I already have a GPS unit but I'll be dammed if I'm not throwing it out because the guys at Mio have come up with a Knight Rider branded GPS unit with voice prompts by the one and only Mr Feeny KITT William Daniels. Apparently, you will recognize his familiar voice as soon as you fire it up and hear "Hello Michael,… » 6/20/08 4:55pm 6/20/08 4:55pm