Jackets Dreamt Up By William Gibson Are Gaining a Real-Life Following

The Buzz Rickson's MA-1 is a piece of William Gibson lore. This flight jacket is worn by the heroine of Gibson's Pattern Recognition, Cayce Pollard, whose preternatural sense of authenticity and phobia of certain brands leads her to the MA-1, a "purely functional and iconic garment." One small detail that escaped many… »11/12/13 5:44pm11/12/13 5:44pm

Technology Soothsayer William Gibson Couldn't Help But Love Google Glass

William Gibson has long been known as something of a prophet, predicting everything from reality TV to "cyberspace" itself. Way back in 1981 AD, he imagined something very similar to Google Glass when he introduced us to Molly Millions, the badass cyborg with a screen-like digital eye augmentation. But we'd yet to… »4/24/13 1:40pm4/24/13 1:40pm