William Shatner Is Crowdsourcing Ideas for His Bonkers Drought Plan

Hey, we’ve all got ideas to save California from its cataclysmic drought. Stop fracking! Stop showering! Stop eating! But none of us is William Shatner: Enterprise captain, Priceline spokesperson, Twitter watchdog, and probably, definitely, most certainly not a water expert. This is not preventing him from proposing… »4/24/15 12:15pm4/24/15 12:15pm


Department of Homeland Security: Deep Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey Safely or the Terrorists Win

What is it with killjoys? Every major holiday celebration—be it fireworks for 4th of July, turkey frying at Thanksgiving, or alligator wrestling on President's Day—seems to draw out finger-wagers and their shrill cries of "You'll shoot your eye out!" Case in point: this ominous tweet from the DHS. »11/22/11 11:00pm11/22/11 11:00pm

William Shatner, Other B-Listers Start Signing Autographs In Personalized Video Form

At a time when the $2 billion per year autograph business runs rampant with counterfeits, it's tough to ensure your memorabilia is authentic. Thanks to LiveAutographs.com, a website that shills personalized video "autographs" from B-listers like Carmen Electra, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the cast of Lost »8/17/08 7:00pm8/17/08 7:00pm, that…

Mr. T and William Shatner World of Warcraft Ads Make Us Want to Be Level 70 Mohawks

Most of my friends play World of Warcraft. I don't. I suspect that these hilarious new spots featuring cult icons Mr. T and William Shatner are aimed at me—if you're not a geek or know nothing about the game, they have little appeal, like an earlier spot. But they're going to be national TV ads, leading me to two… »11/22/07 8:00pm11/22/07 8:00pm

Shatner Says Cellphones are Better Than Star Trek Communicators

Captain Kirk, while speaking at a Toronto press conference to shill for Canada's Rogers Wireless, says that cellphones today are more impressive than communicators from Star Trek. Assuming he's not just saying this because he's a spokes-rep for a phone company—like the time he said booking online was better than… »4/04/07 5:50pm4/04/07 5:50pm