When Fire Hose Water Freezes on a Smoldering Building

Yesterday's giant fire in Williamsburg, Brooklyn left a paper records warehouse in tatters. While the building is still smoldering away, the New York Fire Department has been showering it with water from all sides. The cold winter air combined with a cascade of fire hose water makes for an icy freeze that is certainly… »2/02/15 11:45am2/02/15 11:45am

Williamsburg Brooklyn Is Getting a Luxury Microtel Because Hipsters

Williamsburg is filled with hip restaurants, hip boutiques, hip bars, and hipsters. But if you don't live there, there aren't really any hotel options in the increasingly popular and overpriced Brooklyn neighborhood. Tourists don't want stay in Manhattan and cross the East River for their artisanal cheese needs.… »1/15/15 4:25pm1/15/15 4:25pm

Tracking Brooklyn's Rapid-Fire Gentrification With Google Street View

Open any issue of The New York Times, and you're all but guaranteed to hit a passing reference to the mecca of all things gentrified and hip: Brooklyn, New York. But the real testament to the borough's changing face lies not in trend pieces, but in the nearly unrecognizable streets and buildings themselves. »6/23/14 2:24pm6/23/14 2:24pm

1980s Architects Wanted a Restaurant On Top of the Williamsburg Bridge

The Williamsburg Bridge has spanned the East River since 1903, connecting what's now Brooklyn's most notoriously hip(ster) neighborhood to Manhattan. In the 1980s, the bridge was in serious disrepair—and architects wanted to replace it with a mirror-finish masterpiece topped with a restaurant. Imagine the view! »5/10/14 10:00am5/10/14 10:00am

New York's Underground Moving Sidewalk That Never Was

At the turn of the 20th century, the moving sidewalk was the future of urban transportation. As much as airplanes soaring in the sky and automobiles rumbling on the streets, the moving sidewalk represented a bold new vision for tomorrow. This idea of rolling pavement appealed to people in major cities who didn't yet… »7/31/13 2:46pm7/31/13 2:46pm