That iPhone Is Burning a Hole In Your Pocket

What can we make of this credit card spending by smartphone platform data from Pageonce? That iPhone owners spend like crazy, and WinMo holdouts are probably saving up for a new phone, for starters. » 11/08/10 9:40pm 11/08/10 9:40pm

Unnamed HTC Smartphone Shown Running Windows Phone 7, Sans Sense UI

Seems there's at least one mystery HTC smartphone making the rounds today that's bucking the company line and not running the Sense UI in any way shape or form, "augmented features" be damned. » 7/25/10 6:45pm 7/25/10 6:45pm

HTC Sense Heads to Windows 7 Mobile Devices Later This Year

Even though Microsoft has been strict in regards to what manufacturers can do with the Windows Phone 7 interface, HTC said late last week that the Sense UI would nevertheless find its way onto those devices, perhaps in October. » 7/25/10 2:15pm 7/25/10 2:15pm

iPhone OS, Android, and Windows Mobile In Perfect Harmony

See, a guitar made up of phones isn't just about the music. It's about bringing people together. And by "people" I mean mobile operating systems. Presenting two Android and WinMo devices and an iPod Touch, united to play Cracklin Rosie. » 5/07/10 11:40am 5/07/10 11:40am

Windows Phone 7 Series ROM Spied Running On HTC HD2?

That luscious HTC HD2, the near-perfect mobile that had it going on in all the right places, save the WinMo 6.5 OS, is seen here doing the impossible: Running a Windows Phone 7 Series ROM. Updated. » 3/28/10 10:30am 3/28/10 10:30am

Cellphone Overshare

In Taiwan, there are more cellphones than people. About 7% of all mobile data goes to movie information. And Google owns nearly 100% of the mobile search market. These, and more fun facts in this handy infographic! [DataViz via ChartPorn] » 3/09/10 8:18am 3/09/10 8:18am

This Windows Phone 7 User Interface Skin Makes Old WinMo Phones Feel…

The mobile OS running on this old Toshiba TG01 looks like Windows Phone 7 and it mostly acts like Windows Phone 7. But in reality it's a clever user interface skin covering up Windows Mobile 6.5. » 3/01/10 9:40pm 3/01/10 9:40pm

Microsoft's Project Pink Phones Show Up On FCC

With MWC right around the corner, all eyes are on Microsoft for the launch of Windows Phone 7. And though we heard Project Pink was in trouble, this FCC filing suggests the Sharp-made Turtle may still be on its way. » 2/13/10 8:30am 2/13/10 8:30am

Microsoft to Introduce Windows Phone 7 Monday at MWC

The WSJ has confirmed that Mic will introduce their newest mobile phone OS on Monday at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. WinMo 6.5 is dead; long live Windows Phone 7. » 2/12/10 1:00pm 2/12/10 1:00pm

Three Phones Show Up In Zune Software, But What Are They?

A small Zune software maintenance update released today's got three glaring references to drivers for phone devices. The collision of Zune content and Microsoft mobile software is basically imminent, sure, but are these the Zune phones? Probably not. » 1/26/10 9:19am 1/26/10 9:19am

Source: Windows Mobile 7 Handsets Coming Late 2010, Will Support 6.x…

Another week, another treat from our mole: Windows Mobile 7, which we should see for the first time at Mobile World Congress next month, is intended for release before the holiday season of 2010—not 2011. And there's more. » 1/18/10 10:59am 1/18/10 10:59am

A New Windows Mobile Is Coming in February, But Which?

It's clear that Microsoft will bring something to Mobile World Congress. This is inevitable, and necessary. But yesterday's report that it'll be Windows Mobile 6.6 has been met with another saying it'll be Windows Mobile 7. So which is it? » 1/15/10 10:59am 1/15/10 10:59am

Windows Mobile 6.6 Rumored To Launch Next Month, Don't Pin All Your…

Windows Mobile 7 may not be coming anytime this year, but HALLELUJAH WinMo 6.6 will be debuting next month according to Digitimes. Don't hold your breath on it being your phone's savior, folks. [Digitimes] » 1/14/10 6:35am 1/14/10 6:35am

How To: Play Zune Pass Music on Your WinMo Handset

For $15 a month, a Zune Pass subscription is a pretty great deal. The only catch, seemingly, is that you also have to pony up a couple hundred bucks for a Zune. Except! Turns out you don't. PocketNow shows how: » 12/21/09 3:07pm 12/21/09 3:07pm

Video Shows HTC Touch.B Running Qualcomm's BrewMP, Makes Us Remember…

As expected, HTC's Touch.B device isn't running Android or even WinMo 6.5, with MobiFrance's video showing off Qualcomm's mysterious BrewMP platform. Not familiar with BrewMP? It's new to us too, with Qualcomm deliberately keeping it quiet since launch last year. » 12/03/09 7:47am 12/03/09 7:47am

It's Official: Samsung Omnia II Is $200 on Verizon

Last Friday's tipster was right on the money: The Omnia II lands December 2 for $200 on contract (after $100 mail-in rebate). It runs WinMo 6.5, but that sweet-looking 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen gets the 3D cube TouchWiz 2.0 UI. » 11/23/09 9:00am 11/23/09 9:00am

Samsung Omnia II Hits Verizon December 2 for $200

I still don't know why the Omnia II's 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen is resistive, but the WinMo 6.5 phone will go head-to-head with Verizon's own Moto Droid. Leaked docs suggest it'll be $200 on contract after $100 mail-in rebate. » 11/20/09 6:58am 11/20/09 6:58am

Windows Mobile App Marketplace Now Open to All 6.x Phones

However you feel about Windows Mobile 6.5, chances are you don't have it, so you (probably) haven't been able to try out the new Marketplace for Mobile. Starting today—earlier than promised!—anyone with a 6.x handset can access it. » 11/16/09 2:31pm 11/16/09 2:31pm