Facebook's Giant New Data Center Will Be Powered By Wind

In a post today on Facebook, the company's Data Center Energy Manager Vincent Van Son announced that its new data center in Iowa will be powered solely by wind energy drawn from a nearby farm. That's right: Our insatiable hunger for online validation is indirectly helping to support sustainable energy. »11/13/13 6:34pm11/13/13 6:34pm

A Dragonfly-Inspired Wind Turbine That's Designed For Your Backyard

As wind energy has expanded over the years, engineers have raced to build larger and larger turbines—designed to take advantage of as much wind as possible. But the architect Renzo Piano and an energy company in Italy are trying to make a smaller turbine—one that's suitable for the average yard. »10/24/13 6:00pm10/24/13 6:00pm