Tiny Rooftop Turbine Could Make Urban Wind Farms A Reality

There's a reason that wind farms are placed offshore rather than in urban areas—the turbines are typically huge, difficult to erect, and need a solid sustained gust to produce any meaningful amount of current. This prototype, on the other hand, will assemble easily and take up little space as it quietly produces… » 7/19/12 11:30am 7/19/12 11:30am

6.5-foot Nendo Kazadokei Is Son of Clock and Wind Turbine

Standing 6.5 feet tall, the Nendo Kazadokei is a clock with a second hand that measures almost 5 feet on its own. It just stands there, quietly moving its arms, waiting patiently to sever any innocent passerby's head or scoop out an eye from their skull. See it standing up in all its majesty after the jump.
» 4/07/08 7:24am 4/07/08 7:24am

HY Mini, the Portable Wind and Solar Power Generator

When you think of wind power, your mind may wander to those old Dutch windmills, wooden shoes, a finger in the dam and all the pot you can smoke. But the oddly named HY Mini does the wind power thing on a much smaller scale. It gets its cherry popped by both wind and sun, gathering energy with either its tiny turbine… » 10/12/07 3:55pm 10/12/07 3:55pm

Get Off the Grid: Air-X Personal Wind Turbine

If you're longing to get yourself off the grid, the Air-X is a personal wind turbine that gives you 400 watts of power when the wind is blowing at 28mph. When it s not, you can use batteries, and Air-X helps out there, too, with its charge controller that s smart enough to figure out when batteries need charging and… » 3/24/06 11:31am 3/24/06 11:31am