The Eiffel Tower Is Generating Power With a Hidden Wind Farm On Its Legs

Paris hasn't been shy about slapping on sexxxy new attractions to the 127-year-old Eiffel Tower over the past few years—what with the glittering lights and glass floors. But the latest addition is designed to be neither seen or heard. » 2/24/15 2:43pm 2/24/15 2:43pm

My Climb to the Top of New York City's Tallest Wind Turbine

Tech From Stealth Warplanes Make Wind Turbines Invisible to Radar

From afar, wind turbines look like small toys spinning lazily in the wind. But get up close, and you realize what huge structures they really are: hundreds of feet tall, blade tips slicing through the air at over 100 mph. And these wind turbines can really scramble airport and weather radars. To solve the problem,… » 9/08/14 7:40pm 9/08/14 7:40pm

A Nosebleed Tour of the Wind Turbines Taking Over NYC's Rooftops

According to the New York Times, wind turbines are all the rage in New York City. We decided to find out for ourselves what all the buzz—or whoosh?—was about. So we met with wind turbine maker UGE and its mechanical engineer, Darius Salgo, who was kind enough to show us around the newly-installed wind turbines on top… » 6/06/14 3:20pm 6/06/14 3:20pm

Eureka! A Whisper-Quiet Wind Turbine Based On Archimedes' Screw

When they're standing out in a field, miles away from crowded urban centers, the sounds made by a wind turbine's blades aren't a big issue. But when they're perched atop a downtown building, they create noise pollution that's hard to ignore. A Rotterdam-based company might have found a solution, though, with a unique… » 5/28/14 1:20pm 5/28/14 1:20pm

GE's Wind Turbine Tester Puts Gigantic Drivetrains Through Hell

Modern multi-megawatt wind turbines are downright gargantuan, standing more than 700 feet tall with 260-foot blades spinning 190 mph at the tip. To make sure that these monolithic machines are up for 20 years of energy production, GE has created a tortuous test bed capable of sucking 20 years of life from a turbine in… » 4/03/14 11:40am 4/03/14 11:40am

Hypnotic Flapping Wing Turbines Keep Working in the Gentlest Breeze

There have been many proposed alternatives to the spinning propeller blades used on wind turbines installed all over the county, but none as unorthodox as Festo's new DualWingGenerator. Inspired by the company's work on winged flying robots, the design keeps working when winds are as slow as nine miles per hour. » 4/01/14 4:20pm 4/01/14 4:20pm

Strap This Wind Turbine To Your Electric Car To Stay Juiced in Park

Electricity-generating windmills churn out free energy as long as the wind is blowing. So strapping one to the roof of your car where there's always a breeze as long as you're driving just seems obvious. The Transport Turbine—seen here as a 3D printed proof of concept—puts four small wind turbines on the roof of your… » 1/08/14 4:07pm 1/08/14 4:07pm

A Dragonfly-Inspired Wind Turbine That's Designed For Your Backyard

As wind energy has expanded over the years, engineers have raced to build larger and larger turbines—designed to take advantage of as much wind as possible. But the architect Renzo Piano and an energy company in Italy are trying to make a smaller turbine—one that's suitable for the average yard. » 10/24/13 6:00pm 10/24/13 6:00pm

Colbert Tackles the Very Real Dangers of Wind Turbine Herpes

One of the things you can expect from another four years of the Obama administration: wind turbines. Lots and lots of wind turbines. And with them as Stephen Colbert reports, come a slew of illnesses. Or at least, accusations of such: » 11/08/12 9:40am 11/08/12 9:40am

Dual-Action Wind Turbine Generates Power and Water

Throughout the developing world, millions of people struggle with a shortage of clean water and steady electricity. This wind turbine could solve both problems in one shot by pulling both power and water straight from the wind. » 4/17/12 11:30am 4/17/12 11:30am

High-Flying Turbine Blimps Could Cut Wind Electricity Costs By 65…

Wind blows stronger and more consistently as you rise above ground obstacles like buildings, trees, and hills. This makes for a lucrative green energy source—assuming you can lift generators 1000 feet in the air. This Airborne Wind Turbine could well become the first. » 4/04/12 11:00am 4/04/12 11:00am

World's Most Powerful Offshore Turbine Catches Wind Gusts Two Soccer…

While it may not be the overall most-powerful wind turbine ever built, the multi-megawatt monstrosity that has just been installed off the coast of Belgium is certainly the most powerful to ever be caressed by a sea breeze. » 3/23/12 1:40pm 3/23/12 1:40pm

Fish Are Unexpectedly Helping to Make Wind Farms More Powerful

Wind turbines are big on power and marvels to look at. They're also rather inefficient. So some scientists thought about it, talked, and figured out a way to increase their power output tenfold. All by staring at fish! » 7/18/11 9:40pm 7/18/11 9:40pm

Google Wants a Massive Wind Farm Stretching Down the East Coast

For some reason, lots of people hate wind farms—I think they're rather pretty!—but NIMBY is a powerful, powerful force. So why not stick 'em far in the breezy sea? Trans-Elect wants to do just that, with Google cash. » 4/28/11 10:40pm 4/28/11 10:40pm

Playing Chicken With Wind Turbines

What's the point of owning an RC airplane if you're not going to do something totally irresponsible with it? Like, say, playing chicken with a few wind turbines, coming so close that you clip your antenna in the process. [Litter Box via Neatorama] » 2/21/11 8:00pm 2/21/11 8:00pm

Every Day is a Fairground Ride for Wind Turbine Engineers

As you stagger into work and slump over your desktop like one of last night's zombies, engineer Ross Kennedy is having an exhilarating ride atop a 100m-high wind turbine with the best views of Scotland. I'm not jealous...much. [Daily Mail] » 11/01/10 4:40am 11/01/10 4:40am

Life Isn't Always So Rosy for Green Towns

Initially, they applauded the erection of three wind turbines. Now, the inhabitants of Penobscot Bay, Maine, rue the day the $15m wind facility was built a mile from their homes, due to the sheer noise the 123-foot blades make. » 10/06/10 7:55am 10/06/10 7:55am

An Ancient Village With 21st Century Juice

Tocco da Casauria is a quaint town, located in the mountainous region of Italy's interior. It's also home to an electrical grid that bests many of the world's metropolises—the small burg is powered entirely by wind and solar. » 9/30/10 2:00am 9/30/10 2:00am